A member enterprise
of Sinopharm Group

Code of Conduct for Employees

  • Article 1: Every day we should complete our tasks with high quality and high efficiency. Completing the task can create a good mood.
  • Article 2: Every day we should make active, timely and effective communication. Good communication can reduce problems.
  • Article 3: Every day we should take the initiative and promote the leadership to carry out the work. Self-motivation is encouraged.
  • Article 4: Every day we should work with enthusiasm, refuse to make excuses, and only find the ways to do the best.
  • Article 5: Every day we should dare to meet the challenges and take responsibilities without fear or avoidance.
  • Article 6: Every day we should have cost consciousness, spend money in the appropriate way and work with high quality and high efficiency. Cost control can produce good economic benefits.
  • Article 7: Every day we should think diligently, summarize experiences and make constant progress in learning. Continuous learning can strengthen our skills.


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