A member enterprise
of Sinopharm Group

Wu Xian

Chairman of China TCM

In the course of many years of development, China TCM has always been committed to improving the layout of the traditional Chinese medicine industrial chain, embodying its value, making bold innovations and constantly surpassing itself in the shaping of the whole industry chain. Entering a new period of development opportunities and standing on a new starting point for development, we uphold the corporate philosophy of “caring for life and protecting health”, consciously take the responsibility of “inheriting and innovating, and improving people’s health with high-quality traditional Chinese medicine products and services”, vigorously promote the deep integration and innovation of superior resources in brand, technology and sales within the industry and march towards the goal of becoming a leader in the traditional Chinese medicine industry.

In the process of comprehending and carrying forward the tradition, we combine the modern Chinese medicine R&D, manufacturing and marketing concepts with the traditional advantages accumulated by the Company over the years. We focus on the public health needs, adjust the market positioning, concentrate on the industry segments of Chinese patent medicine, Chinese herbal pieces & formula granules and massive health, permeate the concept of “traditional Chinese medicine” into all links of the industrial chain and root it in each step for realization of product value. To realize the dream of building a TCM platform worth RMB 10 billion, a solid foundation gives us self-confidence, a firm belief gives us the motivation, and undertaking the responsibility for people’s health constitute the cornerstone of our dream.

China TCM is looking forward to working with colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry and all sectors of the society and contributing to the inheritance and innovation in China’s TCM industry and the improvement of people’s health!



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