A member enterprise
of Sinopharm Group

Wang Xiaochun

CEO of China TCM

More than four hundred years has passed since Liang Zhonghong first made Baolong Pill in Wanli Era of Ming Dynasty. Afterwards, Fengliaoxing studied the medicine and donated medicinal wine to the country in the Qing Dynasty, and Tongjitang was founded in Guangxu Period. Looking back at history and facing the future, China TCM is always bearing in mind the achievements made by our predecessors and constantly forging ahead. While inheriting the fine prescription of traditional Chinese medicine, it focuses on the development of major Chinese patent medicine varieties, herbal pieces and formula granules, and has developed numerous high-quality brand resources.

Human life is even more precious than gold; saving others’ lives is an even more precious gift than gold. China TCM is always assuming the responsibility of caring for life and protecting health, constantly improving the Company’s industrial chain, promoting the strategy of major variety cultivation, arranging an overall layout of production bases for Chinese herbal pieces and formula granules, speeding up the construction of massive health industry and winning the trust of patients with rigorous spirit and actions.

With the virtual of great physician, the historical honors awarded to China TCM give the Company richer brand connotation and heavier social responsibility. Bearing the mission of inheriting the culture of Chinese medicine, promoting the essence of Chinese medicine and building up the health of human beings, China TCM will focus on scientific research and production with a more pragmatic attitude, and make steady progress while staying true to its mission.



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